What is the expected participation level for members of Mocha Moms, Inc. West Contra Costa (WCCMM)?

We understand that as moms life can get hectic, however, we encourage our members to attend at least one scheduled event per month – Mother’s Support Group (MSG), Mom’s Night Out (MNO) or a family event. Exceptions will be made for those who are pregnant, going through a family crisis, etc. We strongly encourage regular participation on our message board (Yahoo! Group) as updates are made daily. We use the Yahoo! Group to exchange information with each other, to post important updates and to house pertinent chapter files.

How can I serve to help make WCCMM a success?

Since we are a volunteer organization, in addition to being a support group, we encourage all members to actively participate in at least one of our committees. If you are interested in volunteering your time, you will be expected to choose 3 areas to lend your time/expertise. Or, make a $30 donation in lieu of your time! Your donation is tax deductible and benefits the chapter.

Are there national guidelines as to how Mocha Moms chapters are to be run?

There are two important documents pertaining to the operation of Mocha Moms chapters and WCCMM in particular. Each member is required (by the National organization) to read the local chapter operations manual and the chapter’s by-laws located in the file section of the WCCMM Yahoo group.

Is there a sick policy?

Although we realize children often have runny noses, we ask that if you or your children are seriously ill, including having a fever within the past 24 hours, please do not attend any WCCMM events. Please note that a member who hosts a WCCMM event in her home reserves the right to ask sick families to leave should they deem it necessary.

Will the bi-weekly support group meeting be held at our current location each and every week?

From September through June the bi-weekly support group will be held primarily at the current location. On occasion we will meet at other various locations throughout West Contra Costa and surrounding areas. Although we are technically on break during the months of July and August, occasional field trips/playdates may be planned. Details about exact locations will be sent via Evite and the Yahoo! Group.

How will I receive communications related to all WCCMM activities and events?

The Mocha Moms, Inc. West Contra Costa Chapter Yahoo Group is a great resource for WCCMM news, events, activities and other helpful family-oriented resources. Please note that our members communicate exclusively via email through Yahoo! Groups and Evite. Therefore, you will need to establish a Yahoo! Profile which can be linked to your existing email account in order to receive communications about chapter-related activities and events.

I do not have access to a computer, how will I stay informed of WCCMM activities and events?

A Mocha Buddy will be assigned to keep members without computer access informed. We will also try a phone tree.

I own a business; can I sell my products at Mocha Mom’s Meetings?

While we recognize that many members operate home-based businesses, the solicitation of Mocha Moms’ members via phone lists, snail-mail, e-mail, physical addresses, or during Mothers’ Support Meetings, playgroup, moms-only events, or any other Mocha Moms-sponsored event is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to the no-solicitation policy are Mocha Moms forums or events which are created solely for the exhibition and sale of goods. Also moms with businesses are welcome to purchase a sponsorship on WCCMM’s website.

In the event of a conflict among members how does Mocha Moms suggest it be resolved?

Should a conflict arise, the individuals involved in the conflict should strive to solve it personally without disrupting the group dynamics. In the event that a mediator is needed, the individuals may enlist the WCCMM President to assist in the resolution. Mocha Moms operates under a strict Code of Conduct that is accepted by the general body and applies to all events and activities. The purpose of WCCMM is to foster positive relationships among ourselves and our children. We are not here to nitpick, gossip or degrade each other. Anyone acting inappropriately, causing drama, or using derogatory language will be given a warning. If no improvement is shown, the individual(s) will be asked to leave the group without a refund.