Board Members

President – Timiza

My name is Timiza and I am a Full-Time, Stay At Home Mommy of 3 and 2 Bonus Children for a Grand Total of 5 kiddos! I have been married to my amazing and zany husband, Christopher, for 10 years. I am the current President of the Contra Costa County-West Chapter of Mocha Moms Inc. Prior to being the President I was Vice President for 2.5 years. I am one of the Founding Members of this Chapter which was chartered in November of 2004.

Before becoming a Stay At Home Mom, I was a Preschool Teacher for 20 years. I started working with children at the ripe old age of 16 and LOVED it. I stayed in this field until having my own child in 2003. Here I began my most life altering, journey to the BEST JOB EVER being a Mom. I definitely miss being in the classroom but, love the fact that I am blessed to be able to be home with my own children! While being CEO of my home comes first I also have a home based business providing onsite fieldtrips and fabulous hands-on Birthday Parties with Noah’s Ark Animal Workshops “The Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Store that Comes to YOUR Door!

I am so happy that I found Mocha Moms! I have met some really wonderful women and without this organization I’m not sure that our paths would have ever crossed. The Mocha Moms organization supports Mothers in so many ways and understands that being a Mom isn’t always easy in fact it’s got to be the hardest job out there. But, with your Mocha Sistah’s behind you one feels like you can conquer just about anything.

Vice President – Elicia


Treasurer – Brandie

Hello! I’m Brandie and I’m in charge of the money. I joined Mocha Moms in 2009 after moving to the Bay Area and needing a resource for new moms and moms with young children. Since I was new to the Bay Area, I needed to connect with women who knew where to go and what do with my then under 2 year old. And I’m so glad I did!

I’m a mother of two wonderful children and I’ve been blessed to . Although I do work part-time outside of the home, I’m still very much a “work at home” mom since I run my own home-based web design business. Having such a flexible schedule allows me to be able to be there for my family and me an active Mocha Moms member. We have so much fun at our meetings and outings that I’m always looking forward to what is going to happen next!

I’m so glad that I found a resource like Mocha Moms to provide me with the support and information that I need to provide me and my family with so many unique and fun experiences of our lives. Thank you to all of my Mocha Sisters!

Secretary – Michelle

My name is Michelle Cox Grant and I am the single mom of a terrific three year old. I am currently the Secretary of the Wonderful Chapter of the Contra Costa County West Chapter of Mocha Moms. I just joined Mocha Moms last year and have definitely found my niche working with these wonderful ladies and their children.

Before joining Mocha Moms I was under the impression that it was only for women who were stay-at-home moms. I had no idea that this fabulous organization was for those of us who worked outside the home as well. I am currently a 6th grade teacher at a charter school in the Richmond Area. Not only am I affecting the life of my own child, but I am affecting the lives of 25 other children of color on a daily basis. I have been teaching for 18 years and there is nothing else I would rather be doing than working with kids.

I became a member of Mocha Moms quite by happenstance. I was out shopping one day and ran into our president Timiza, she invited me to join. My husband had recently passed away and I needed some support and Mocha Moms was there. I was a little hesitant at first, but they welcomed me with open arms and I haven’t looked back since. Mocha Moms has supported me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. My husband has been gone for three years and with the love and support of my Mocha Moms chapter my son and I are doing just fine.